Lose Weight for a Good Cause

A Loseathon is like a walkathon, but instead of walking a certain distance to raise money, the person loses a certain amount of weight. Loseathons have these added benefits:

  • donors end up with a friend who is healthier and happier.
  • it's harder to lose a sizable amount of weight than to do one walkathon so it's a bigger challenge for people to take on
  • people are more likely to succeed at losing weight if they have the support of loved ones. A Loseathon creates a cheering squad to encourage them
  • it's easier to lose weight if a person commits to it publicly because it adds accountability
  • it's easier to lose weight if it's about something bigger than just yourself, and it helps others
  • everyone benefits from the health system spending less money on diseases related to weight

Change the world in 3 easy steps:


Total Loss:   0 pounds

Supporters will donate based on:

Donor selects amount and screen shows the total. Example: $1.5 per pound x 20 pounds = $30.
I will donate $ of my own money
I will also donate the money I save on food:   $

Examples of Loseathons

Help give children life and love

By Joan Engelman

$550 raised of $800

For a Brighter Future

By Martina Martins

$240 raised of $600

Raising money for children in need

By Carol Canter

$850 raised of $1,000

Let's feed the hungry

By Patricia Mourraile

$930 raised of $2,000

In support of freedom

By Chester Thompson

$150 raised of $700